Snail Bob Is A Puzzle Game

Snail Bob is a puzzle game where you must help a hapless snail journey to his new home. The hero of the game is a green and brown snail named Snail Bob. He isn’t the brightest snail. He will slide right into danger if not stopped by the player. The player can interact with various objects on each level, often leading to hilarious results. The player must move objects and control Bob in order to ensure the snail makes it to the exit, a yellow tube.  

The controls are simple: click at snail bob on Bob to stop him, click him again to get him going. The player can also adjust Bob’s speed, though going too fast on some levels can cause disaster. The buttons and other things the player can interact with are clear. There’s no need for random clicking, only lateral thinking and problem solving. Sometimes the player must experiment to see what does what.

Things can go terribly wrong, however, and Bob can die if the player is not fast enough or makes the wrong decision. Fortunately, the player can restart the level and try again. On some levels, timing is everything. The player must frantically push buttons to save Bob from death.

Unfortunately for Bob, sometimes he will die simply because the player was too curious about what a button would do. There are often warnings at danger points, such as a white outline of a snail representing the manner of possible death. Other times the warning is a sign that says, “DANGER”. If only Bob could see the warnings! Sometimes these warnings serve only to spark the player’s curiosity about what might happen if terrible decisions were made. Sorry, Bob!

The cartoon graphics are bright and cheerful, but not too bright. Bob is drawn in cartoon fashion with big saucer eyes on his green eye stalks. He even has a sheen to his shell. Bob is a cute little creature who can go into his shell as any proper snail can do. He slides along on his foot. The animation is smooth and you almost feel the sliminess of his foot as it ripples as he moves.

There are no glitches or bugs to distract from the enjoyment of the game. The game runs smoothly and all the player need worry about is getting the snail to the exit. On some levels that can be challenging, as timing and logic come into play. Who knew that a snail could die in so many ways!

Then there’s that feeling when you look at the level and your brain puts the pieces together and you know, in a moment of clarity, what you need to do and how to do it. There’s nothing quite like that feeling. Finally, when the last level is successfully conquered, comes the feeling of triumph. At the end, the player can view his or her final score. The player can also reflect on the journey, or better yet, play the next installment of Snail Bob.

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